Farm-Fresh Eggs

Eggs are available by reservation (for large orders only) or, self-serve pick up every day during store hours. Email us at to reserve. If your are Interested in purchasing 20 dozen + order see our Corporate page.

Duck Eggs


You’re probably familiar with chicken eggs, but did you know ducks lay tasty and nutritious eggs, too? You can use them in all the same ways you use chicken eggs, but there are some notable differences.

  1. Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs. Large chicken eggs from the supermarket weigh about 2 oz each, and XL chicken eggs weigh about 2.3 oz. A typical duck egg weighs about 3 oz. We usually substitute chicken to duck eggs at a 1:1 ratio in our baking with good results, but if you want to be precise about it, you can measure the volume of white and yolk. A large chicken egg is about 1/4 cup.

  2. Duck egg whites help baked goods, such as cakes, breads, and muffins, rise higher than chicken egg whites do, which is why gourmet chefs love to use them in their cooking and baking!

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  1. The shells of duck eggs are noticeably thicker than those of chicken eggs. No big deal; just tap your egg a little harder to crack it.

  2. The white of a duck egg is almost transparent, but chicken eggs usually have a light yellow tint.

  1. Now for the important question: what about the flavor? Some people prefer duck eggs, and some prefer chicken eggs. The flavors are similar but not identical, so you’ll just have to try duck eggs and judge for yourself!

Chicken Eggs


Unfortunately, because of rising food costs, the price of chicken eggs will be 5 dollars per dozen, effective February 1st, 2022.

Our hens lay a variety of egg colors: dark brown, light brown, white, and even greenish blue! If you’re interested in an all-white dozen for Easter, we will take special requests. Our hens are free-range and do a lot of foraging, but we also supplement with a high-quality layer feed. Our girls get lots of attention and room to roam around the farm: we believe happy hens are healthy hens!

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Goose Eggs

2.00 Each.

Goose eggs will be available in spring of 2022. More information coming soon.

Their Diet

Our birds forage for much of the day, but we also provide a 16% protein layer feed.

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