Herbs, Spices, and Teas

At The Goose and Hen, we have a variety of herbs and spices 

Herbs, Spices and Teas

Chaga Mushroom Tea


Chaga is a wild mushroom with reported anti-carcinogenic properties. It also has been said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and lower blood sugar. But the best reason to try it? It tastes like coffee but lacks the caffeine! You can try it in a weak dose for a delicious tea or brew it stronger to experience the best coffee substitute out there. Although it’s a mushroom, it doesn’t look like a mushroom or taste like a mushroom. We give it a deep roast and a fine grind so you can brew your cup to perfection.

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Sweet Fern Tea


Sweet fern is reported to have a variety of health benefits, including as a digestive aid and blood purifier, but we drink it because it tastes good! It is highly aromatic, but the tea itself is delicate, not exactly citrusy or spicy or earthy but maybe almost all of those. We are struggling with how to describe it, so after you try a cup you’ll have to let us know what you think!

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Northern Bay Leaves


Bay leaves, of course, are great for flavoring all your stews, soups, and broths. Northern bay leaves are the variety you find in the northeastern United States, whereas the ones you commonly find at the grocery store are from Turkey or other parts of the Mediterranean. There’s no need to look so far afield for bay leaves, though; we think the flavor of northern bay leaves is far superior!

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Tea Sampler


Two packets of chaga and six packets of sweet fern tea. For the tea drinker who can’t decide!

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